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This easy and powerful communication assessment is designed for growth minded people.

Just imagine a world where you feel confident as a Master Communicator – more peace, control, and less drama

Do You Want to Feel Heard Without Losing Your Cool?


How do your communication skills impact your success at work and home?


Find out what kind of communicator you are after taking the free assessment: 

“Can’t Say NO Communicator”

“Mr. Nice Guy (or Gal) Communicator” 

“Masterful Communicator”




Joyce Weiss’s Free Communication Assessment is an eye-opener.  The assessment results showed the areas where I can benefit regarding tough conversations. 

 Her videos on Verbal Aikido and The Gap gave me concrete examples of how to become stronger during the conflict.

I immediately signed up for Joyce Weiss’s Kick Conflict to the Curb virtual class and I found my voice with Joyce!

 Don’t lose another connection, client, or closing due to conflicts, contact Joyce Weiss, Conflict Resolution and Communication Coach to guide you through and strengthen your conflict resolution skills.

Janette Ghedotte
Truth and Deception Expert, Accurate Body Language

I now realize that bullies and difficult people need to be dealt with in a direct and respectful way, instead of remaining silent.  The communication quiz is a powerful tool.

Laurie Miller
Director, Registrar’s Information Technology at George Mason University

I took Joyce’s communication assessment, and it opened my eyes to how my voice is my friend to resolve conflict.

Barbara Baron
The Family Meals Dietician, Barbara Baron Associates 

The communication assessment revealed that I needed to think more about other’s perspectives before I react.
This one strategy has helped me improve communication and morale with my teams.

Wendy Edelman, MBA
Inside Sales Director, Great Minds

What if you could confidently handle difficult situations like a pro rather than remaining silent?

There’s no reason to spend another minute not feeling heard and respected.