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The Benefits of Virtual Learning

  1. Access to coursework from anywhere at any time

 You have the freedom to complete your coursework 24/7 from anywhere and at any time that suits your busy schedule. If you’re out of town on business, you can do your assignments back at the hotel, while you’re waiting for a connecting flight, or between meetings. All you need is your laptop or other digital device.

  1. Effective time management

 An online course provides a welcome environment for working adults who need to balance work and family with the new demands of taking an online course.  Right away, you save hours every week not having to commute back and forth to classes.

  1. Meet and work with other business professionals

 Online courses attract business professionals from across the U.S. and around the world, who bring different perspectives from diverse cultures. Insights into other business cultures, attitudes, and problem-solving approaches can add to your own approaches to problems and opportunities.

  1. Immediate feedback on your new strategic communication tools

 You will receive immediate feedback during the class both during the zoom implementation and coaching sessions and via email. You will also have a safe place to creatively solve your conflict issues on our private Facebook group.  Plus, Joyce will be with you during the 6 week class and afterwards to make sure you are kicking conflict to the curb.

  1. Sharpened digital skills

 While increasing your knowledge and skills in your area of conflict resolution, you’ll also be honing your digital skills. As you continue to learn and study in an online world, you’ll become confident and highly productive using interactive online tools.

Take your virtual meeting and training skills to the NEXT LEVEL

Do you loath the idea of virtual meetings? Do you worry about being engaging or being able to provide a powerful, effective training? Do you agonize over managing the technology?

Virtual meetings and/or trainings are an organizational reality, and Joyce can help you embrace it!

Joyce is a seasoned coach and trainer who until recently avoided online offerings, because she worried about giving her clients less than 100% of an outstanding experience. Rather than continuing to sidestep the virtual truth, Joyce met the challenge head on to become a Certified Virtual Presenter.

Now, she provides dynamic, entertaining, and powerful virtual experiences just like her in-person trainings and courses. She has garnered the secrets and skills to maximize her client’s experience online, and Joyce is ready to show you how to do the same!

 BENEFITS of Virtual Meeting Training with Joyce

Joyce will show you and your team how to create engaging meetings and trainings that get your message across with long-lasting results. Learn:

  1. Powerful openers, energizers, and closers.
  2. Creative ways to help participants retain the material you have to share.
  3. How to put your personal stories to work for you in persuasive lessons.
  4. To present serious topics in a fun, less pragmatic way.
  5. Tips to improve your lighting, sound, and camera use.
  6. To feel at ease in front of the camera yet maintain professionalism.
  7. Easy strategies to make virtual meetings and/or trainings a positive experience for all.

There is no denying the advantages of bringing your meetings and trainings online. Attendees can join from anywhere, meet an extended network of business professionals, and avoid prohibited commutes, while trainers can reach a greater number of participants by making their presentations and coursework available anytime.

But not all virtual gatherings are created equal. Too often, a presenter lacks the skills to generate an online experience that rivals an in-person meeting or training. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Join Joyce for her next Virtual Meeting Training and become an ELITE virtual presenter.

Want a glimpse of the skills you will obtain? Here are two strategies to get you started on better virtual meetings and trainings today!

Strategy #1: No More Boring Openings

Forget the niceties at the beginning of the meeting; you can thank attendees later. The first words out of a trainer’s mouth need to be engaging, powerful, or supportive.

  1. Use humor – like a cartoon to get things rolling.
  2. Engage participants from the beginning with an interactive activity – like a poll or customizable puzzle.
  3. Connect with a powerful message – like a recent company or individual win.

 Strategy #2: Use Relevant Energizers

Don’t let your attendees become a lump in their chairs. Engage them with active participation.

  1. Create controlled stretch breaks by asking participants to stand when they think of an answer to a question.
  2. Ask them to write an answer to a question on a piece of paper.
  3. “Coaching Hot Seats” encourages a volunteer to take center stage and share an issue they would like resolved.

 Ready to take your virtual gatherings from ho-hum to zinging?! CONTACT Joyce today!