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Kick Conflict to the Curb

and get the respect you deserve with this virtual training!

Deemed the “Queen of Conflict Resolution,” I’ll show you or your staff how to communicate with respect, decrease interruptions, set boundaries, use constructive feedback, and identify triggers before overreacting.  Attendees of Kick Conflict to the Curb will learn how to effectively cope with bullies, slackers, micromanagers, and others who are creating toxic environments. Ultimately, they will gain lasting conflict resolution skills, enabling them to handle most any situation that arises in the workplace.

During these unusually stressful times, managers and employees alike are feeling overwhelmed. And when stress is brought into any relationship, whether at the workplace or at home, disputes are quicker to erupt. Through my interactive course, I’ll provide the long-term results you deserve as we Kick Conflict to the Curb together!

Joyce Weiss Certified Visual Presenter

Joyce Weiss, M.A. CSP

Communication Strategist and Master Coach

Queen of Conflict Resolution

The Importance of Eliminating Fear

The Importance of Respect

Kick Conflict to the Curb Agenda

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About Joyce

Isn’t it amazing how much drama occurs in the workplace? It’s like it has its own reality TV show.  If you can relate, it’s costing you big time.  Joyce specializes in Kicking Conflict to the Curb: Get the RESPECT You Deserve!  She is the Queen of Conflict Resolution.

She works with frustrated emerging leaders, individuals, and small groups to handle conflicts and power struggles with peer bullying, micromanagers or mediocrity with confidence, instead of kicking and shouting! 😊

Click on the plus sign to view videos that explain topics and strategies the class covers.

Verbal Akido: Gain Back Control with Bullies

Be Direct with Respect: Become a Master Communicator During Tough Conversations

Why I Became a Communication Strategist

Do you deal with productive direct reports who lack soft skills?

Using triggers and the GAP to Protect yourself from bullies

The RAKE Story to Keep YOU Safe During Tough Conversations

Kick Conflict to the Curb

A Certified Virtual Presenter and Master Coach with three decades of experience, I’m offering live, online training and instruction throughout the six weeks. In addition to Zoom course meetings, as a bonus I’ll also provide two 30-minute private coaching sessions by phone (a $500 value) and engage participants weekly in a private Facebook group. In a nutshell, I’m not just pushing handouts, I’m working personally with you, so you’ll walk away with real skills to gain control during conflict and communicate strategically.


How Kick Conflict to the Curb has helped other individuals and companies. 


Vicki Hitzges

Keynote Speaker

After Joyce’s training, our leadership team has the tools we need to create high-impact meetings. These techniques will also carry over to our sales team meetings with their customers! As you can see, I highly recommend working with Joyce Weiss!

Wendy Edelman, MBA

Inside Sales Director, Great Minds

Barbara Baron

The Family Meals Dietitian

I love Joyce Weiss for her passion to kick conflict to the curb and get the respect we all deserve. Her endless energy and enthusiasm delivers a virtual experience that is so engaging, Joyce ensures you are not the one sitting off on the curb.

Barbara Baron

The Family Meals Dietician, Barbara Baron Associates

Josh Ruggenbuck

Regional Project Manager

 The experience was refreshing, and the content and discussions were powerful.   

I recommend Joyce Weiss if you want an online meeting that is full of engagement and participation and NOT boring.

Erin Sudrovech

Director of Alumni Engagement, Oakland University

Gina Carr

Founder and CEO

Participants have told us how the virtual class changed their communication & are getting respect from their boss & colleagues.  Please consider Joyce for  giving you that push to be effective & work in a more positive way to gain self-esteem.

Debbie Kopkau

MBA, CAE, CMP, GMS, Director at MSBO

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