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Kick Conflict to the Curb Virtual  Course

Deemed the “Queen of Conflict Resolution,” I’ll show you how to communicate with respect, decrease interruptions, set boundaries, use constructive feedback, and identify triggers before overreacting. Attendees of Kick Conflict to the Curb will learn how to effectively manage bullies, slackers, micromanagers, and others who are creating toxic environments. Ultimately, you’ll gain lasting conflict resolution skills, enabling you to handle most any situation that arises, whether at home, at work, or within personal relationships.

During these unusually stressful times, people are feeling overwhelmed. And with elevated levels of stress, disputes are quicker to erupt in most any relationship. Don’t put your marriage, career, or friendships at risk. Through my interactive course, I’ll provide the peace and long-term results you deserve as we Kick Conflict to the Curb together!

A Certified Virtual Presenter and Master Coach with three decades of experience, I’m offering live, online training and instruction throughout the six weeks. In a nutshell, I’m not just pushing handouts, I’m working personally with you, so you’ll walk away with real skills to gain control during conflict and communicate strategically.

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