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Do You Want to Speak Confidently

Without Frustration and Feeling Unheard?

This easy and powerful communication assessment is designed for growth minded people.

Just imagine a world where you feel confident as a Master Communicator – more peace, control, and less drama




After Joyce’s training, our leadership team has the tools we need to create high-impact meetings. These techniques will also carry over to our sales team meetings with their customers! As you can see, I highly recommend working with Joyce Weiss!

Wendy Edelman, MBA

Inside Sales Director, Great Minds

I love Joyce Weiss for her passion to kick conflict to the curb and get the respect we all deserve. Her endless energy and enthusiasm delivers a virtual experience that is so engaging, Joyce ensures you are not the one sitting off on the curb.

Barbara Baron

The Family Meals Dietician, Barbara Baron Associates

 The experience was refreshing, and the content and discussions were powerful.   

I recommend Joyce Weiss if you want an online meeting that is full of engagement and participation and NOT boring.

Erin Sudrovech

Director of Alumni Engagement, Oakland University

Are you exhausted with all the drama in your life?

If so, it’s costing you Big Time!


  •    more stress
  •    unresolved conflict
  •    doubt in your communication 
  •    self-doubt
  •    feeling restricted

Are you tired of not feeling heard or respected?

Go from feeling stuck and exhausted in difficult situations  – to having the courage to take risks to reduce your stress. 

Imagine your life with more peace and respect and less drama and stress.

Know how to speak during stressful conversations instead of letting the looming fear drain all your energy and motivation. Whether it’s a demanding boss, or bullying colleague, you’re fully aware that it’s time for a change – NOW!

Are you tired of spending the rest of your career flirting with not getting noticed, promoted, respected, or bullied?

You owe it to yourself to at least take this powerful assessment to see what your life as a communication rock star looks like.

How Kick Conflict to the Curb has helped other individuals and companies. 


Vicki Hitzges

Keynote Speaker

Barbara Baron

The Family Meals Dietitian

Josh Ruggenbuck

Regional Project Manager

Gina Carr

Founder and CEO

Participants have told us how the virtual class changed their communication & are getting respect from their boss & colleagues.  Please consider Joyce for  giving you that push to be effective & work in a more positive way to gain self-esteem.

Debbie Kopkau

MBA, CAE, CMP, GMS, Director at MSBO